Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Brown Creeper


Brown Creeper (Certhia americana)

Order: Passeriformes           Family: Creeper (Certhiidae)
I have yet to see one of these come to a feeder, although if a seed happens to be on the ground at the base of a tree they will take that, as this one was about to do. Because they do not seem to come to feeders I feel blessed whenever I see on of these small, beautiful birds. They blend in so well with the bark of the tree that if they are not moving the can be difficult to spot. In fact their coloration matches the trees so well that when threatened they freeze with their wings outstretched. When this happens they can be nearly invisible. 

The Brown Creeper feeds by flying to the base of a tree and working itself up the tree in a spiraling fashion. In comparison Nuthatches feed by descending the tree. Thus, the Brown Creeper, by ascending the tree, finds food that the Nuthatches miss.